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II realise that for some, working with a designer may be a new experience, and therefore can be a little daunting. Please don’t be concerned, I’m very nice and my mission with Sarah Lou Studio is to offer a friendly and personal design service. I don’t believe in trying to baffle clients with complicated terminology - I understand you are the expert at doing your thing and you don’t want me to talk at you in hex codes!

What will it cost?

Obviously, the cost varies hugely depending on the size and complexity of each individual project. If, however, you have a limited budget in mind, please don’t despair. I will always be honest about what you can achieve with the funds you have available will manage the solution with this in mind. I am always a head full of ideas and will think creatively to give you an end result to make the most impact, within the means available. After our initial free consultation, I will always provide a clear estimate before any work commences, so you are never hit with unexpected costs.


What do I need to provide?


Really, the simple answer is whatever you already have! I am equally happy to work from a back-of-an-envelope sketch to a lengthy fully realised text document. Please feel free to get in touch whatever stage you are at, together we will go from there.


Can I keep on making changes during the

design process?


All estimates include major and minor revisions as standard. If you think you're likely to need ongoing changes, that's not a problem, but it won't be included in my estimate. Any extra edits will be charged at an hourly rate. Read about my design process here.


What counts as a revision? 


Moving graphics or photos and text around the page means there will be layout changes and that’s a major revision. Rewriting or resupplying large amounts of text is also a major revision. However, changing a short text phrase here and there is usually considered a minor revision. For branding projects, ‘can it be more of a blue-green’ or ‘can the icon be a little smaller’ are minor revisions but ‘can I see another concept variation of the logo’ is considered a major revision. Read more about my method here.


Are you able to advise on colours I can use on all platforms?


I’ll supply you with a brief brand document that will contain advice on colours, fonts and any other parts of the brand we have created. You’ll have full colour references for future projects.


I have a computer and Microsoft Word, why do I need a designer?

Your branding and marketing materials are often the first point of contact with potential customers. A wise person once said “you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression”. All elements of your business need to convey a consistent professional identity, to shout about how fabulous you are at doing your thing! I can work with you to produce designs that will grab your potential customer and visually represent the ethos of your company and the product or service you offer. I will provide beautifully finished final products that are leagues above what you can make at home and offer a personal service to cheerlead for you every step of the way. Wouldn’t you like a design to make your business or product shine?


Who owns the copyright for the designs?


Copyright of all graphic design work is retained by Sarah Lou Studio as the creator, including concepts, ideas, proofs and illustrations. After all invoices have been settled, permission is granted for the use of all artwork, for the purpose in which it was it was originally created. Please request permission for subsequent uses.


I need something designing yesterday, is this possible?


Sometimes customers require services at very short notice. I can usually accommodate rush jobs, depending on the size of the project and what other work I have in the pipeline. Please just ask and let me know when you need it, I will reply with an honest and realistic timescale.

I already have a logo, but my file is small and grainy?


If you only have a small jpg version of your logo you’ll have trouble printing it on anything bigger than a business card without it becoming pixilated. Ideally, you should have your logo in a vector format to give crisp edges when printing and for all future applications, such a signage. If needed, I can work from your existing artwork and redraw your logo to providing you with a vector file. If you’d like to, I can also work in any design changes such as new colours or fonts just let me know.

If you still have any queries please

don’t hesitate to ask!

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