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If you’ve looked at my work and think we might be a good fit, please get in touch. I am happy to answer any questions you may have. Tell me what you need to achieve for your project, what assets you already have (if any) and we will arrange time to meet up for coffee if you are local to Cambridge, or chat on the phone. My goal for this first conversation is to make sure I totally understand your business and your brief, so be prepared to share! Once I have a clear picture of what you need, I will send you an estimate.


If you agree the estimate, timescales and terms, work starts now! At this stage you will also need to provide me with any files or assets you may already have, such as logo files, brand guidelines, photography or words.

Stage 1 - Design Concepts and Discussion

After some time getting engrossed in your project, I will send you initial concepts and thoughts for you to review. It may include some of my thinking process to help you understand the rationale, as well as mood boards, graphics, a website plan or layouts, depending on the brief.


Following my initial work, I will need some feedback from you. Are you happy with the direction of the work? Anything you would like to change? Anything I have missed? This is a chance to let me know all your thought - sometimes seeing these initial roughs gives you a clearer perspective on what you are trying to achieve. If possible, I prefer to receive feedback via email, so that I have a written list to refer to, but we can always discuss on the phone further if needed.


Stage 2 – Major Changes

Major revisions may be needed at this stage, so please be honest. Moving graphics or photos and text around the page means there will be layout changes on the following pages and that’s a major revision, as is rewriting or resupplying large amounts of text. I understand that once you see a 'real' product you may change your mind on some aspects, and that’s totally fine at this stage. Following our discussions, you will receive revised designs, incorporating all the feedback we worked through. Two rounds of changes are included as standard at this stage.


Stage 3 – Minor Changes

Another round of more minor changes is next, such as changing a short text phrase here and there. For logo projects, ‘can it be more of a blue-green’ or ‘can the icon be a little smaller’ are minor revisions. We might also need to correct spelling errors you have spotted or make tiny adjustments to a graphic. Again, two rounds of changes are included in my estimate.


Stage 4 - Proofs

I will ask you to approve the final design proofs before preparing the artwork for print or finalising any files. Once I have the ok from you for print work your design, will be sent for printing and no revisions can be made. For digital work, revisions can still be made but this is a time-consuming process, so any changes after you have approved the design will be subject to extra cost. 


Stage 5 - Final files

To conclude this phase, I will provide finished print work to the specification we have worked out together, or in the case of a logo, your design in various formats for future applications. I really believe the end of a project does not signify the end of our relationship, and I will always be available to offer further assistance and a helping hand with ongoing elements or your next branded project, however small.

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