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Logo design Cambridge

Logo creation / branding / web design / design for print

Working with these ladies always an absolute pleasure, as they often contact me with a crazy starting point to keep me on my toes. Cambridgeshire Festival of Education was no exception; the brief was to create an identity for a bold, bright, optimistic festival of education with… flamingos!


"The inspiration for the festival and its cheerful branding came from a speech given by the founder.

“The educational landscape seems to be such a political and polarising place at the moment. For this reason, for the sake of the children and our colleagues, we must be flamingos of hope rather than lemmings of despair.”

Rachel Snape NLE

The festival has now been going for 4 years and continues to evolve each time. Following the creation of the original website, the client and I both work to keep this current as and when needed. I have also worked on may other items for this project including bookmarks, banners, magazine adverts, stickers, badges, t-shirts, tote bags, presentations, event programmes and a teachers school book.


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